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Po Hung is a Taiwanese manufacturer specializing in producing plastic compact cases for the global cosmetic market. 

Being a subsidiary of Jun Chiang Co. Ltd., - the largest aluminum godet supplier in Taiwan for more than 30 years, we are benefited with abundant technical resources and are highly committed to quality control, ensuring that our products comply with the highest customer demands.

The main finishing of our products can be categorized into three sectors as showed below. We take pride in our capabilities, and we stand ready to respond to your inquiries and requests.



The finishes of our injected products are remarkably glossy and reflective. Colors can be matched according to your benchmark or a Pantone number.


Spray Coating

Spray coating is a decorative option for coloring the product with its specific textures. Colors of spray coating can be matched according to a sprayed benchmark in either a varnished or a matte finish.



Metalization provides a reflective finish that can be either shiny or matte for enhancing product quality. Colors can be matched according to a metalized benchmark.




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